November favorites are hereee! This month I haven’t tested that many beauty products because I have been using non-stop last month’s favorites. But be prepared for next December’s post cause it’s going to be a massive one! Now let’s begin. (if there is a link to the products I will include it below)



1)First of all let’s talk about this green velvet and leather bag. If you say this is not the perfect winter bag you are lying! It looks tiny but it is super spacious.



unnamed (1)

2)About two weeks ago my KIKO package arrived and when I tested the products I was SHOCKED. The lipsticks and the eyeliner stay on forever.  The contour stick does the most beautiful contour to your face and it’s super easy to blend. But most of all I fell in love with this magnetic copper eyeshadow. It’s by far the most pigmented eyeshadow I have ever tried. And now I’m mad I bought only one shade.




3)This AIM white now whitening stick makes your teeth look much whiter than usual, and they remain white throughout the day. Keep in mind that this is not the healthier solution so don’t use it all the time. Other than that, it will give you a shiny smile J


unnamed (2)

4)I’m OBSESSED with these pieces of jewelry. They make every outfit ten times more interesting and put together. You can style them with pretty much anything and they are hypoallergenic too.  You can find them at    LEIO ROSS ! I will leave a link down below.




unnamed (4)

5)It is that time of the year when things get crazy with the exams, projects, and payables in general. Because of that, I wanted to find something that will make me repel all this stress. I have been seeing around these coloring books for adults and I thought I’ll give it a try. And of course, I bought a Harry Potter themed one. There is a big range of coloring books for adults out there that will help you relax and clear your mind after a busy day. I personally found it very helpful and fun.

6)My favorite books to read are mystery ones. And there is not a better author for these types of books than Agatha Christie. Dead Man’s Folly is definitely one of my favorites.

unnamed (5)


7)And last but not least, this cute little pair of dusty pink faux-leather gloves. I don’t have much to say about these. Christmas is around the corner what are you waiting for? You’ll need a cute pair of gloves to keep your hands warm!




xxx Konstantina ❤ 






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