Summer Vacation Must-Haves☀️🌊

Summer 2017 is FINALLY here! And I am sure that most of you have already planed your vacations! Now …are you one of those, who make a packing list two months before (like me),or one of those, who pack one hour before the departure? In both cases, I have brought out some of my favorite travel essentials and must haves. I hope you’ll get some summer inspiration.

luggage final

First  things first, luggage and storage essentials. My absolute FAVORITES are the marble carry-on (I mean marble is marble) and the map backpack (how cool would it be traveling the world with a backpack like this one?).  And of course, you’ll need a cute matching pair of passport holder and luggage tag,  because these details make the difference! Since we are talking about summer holidays,  which means you’ll  spend hours and hours at the beach, you will need a cute (huge) beach bag to fit all your belongings and what could it be better for that use,  but a humongous H&M beach bag? Visit their website and you’ll find a tone of different designs.


To continue with, before you land to your summer holiday location, you have a few hours to kill. I have collected here some books to disport these travel hours. One thing,  that is always in my travel bag,  is my Polaroid camera and my headphones of course,  because  no one has ever survived a trip without music. Don’t forget! If you are looking for the perfect summery pictures for your instagram feed you should  definitely  have an eye on this underwater affordable camera from sunnylife.


Let’s move to my favorite part!  The beach essentials! Rounded beach towels have  been such a huge trend lately! You can find them in many different colors and designs. All the girls out there, will relate to  the following…” I have enough swimsuits”-said no girl,ever. Here I have for you some of my favorite swimsuits I bought  last month. Stay tuned for  a swimsuit lookbook that is coming very soon! And now…  the inflatable flamingo. I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE! How cute is it? Imagine this. You in your favorite swimsuit, hat and sunnies lying on this inflatable flamingo! Am I the only one getting so excited with stuff like this? As I said, you need a cute hat to make your beach appearance a little more interesting…how about these fun colorful ones?

αψψεσσοριεσ 2

Now let’s talk about the details. As you already know, summer is for colorful clothes and accessories. There are so many options in order for you  to give this little pop of color to your outfit! You can achieve that, with a pair of colorful clear lens , a cute pair of statement earrings, or even with an interesting bag. You can dress up or dress down your outfit by changing your accessories.


Since  we are  talking about accessories and bags, we need to find the perfect summery outfits for our trip. First of all, keep in mind that you want to feel comfortable all day long, cause usually on holidays we are out all day. So, pick some interesting but comfortable outfits and don’t forget to match them, while packing, so that you can save some storage!

These are all the suggestions I had for you, for you summer vacations! Hope you have a great time and don’t forget to take lots and lots of pictures!

xxx Konstantina

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