My first tattoo!

Tuesday  30th of May


unnamedYayyyy! My first tattoo has been finished! I have been thinking about it  two and a half years now and I am soo happy I finally had the courage to book an appointment. I was way too scared to deside it, I thought the pain would be unbearable but in the end the only thing I felt was tiny tiny little scratches. It took about six minutes for the tattoo artist to complete it as it was so small and minimal. This tattoo has a very special meaning to me and I am so glad it came out the way it did! So for those ones who are thinking about the pain it was literally nothing, at least it wasn’t for me at the spot that I did it. Some of you may think “why are you telling as all these?” and the answer is that in the dairy section of my blog I will post  important little things that happen in my life or thoughts I may want to share for some reason! Have a great day and don’t forget to smile! 🙂

xxx  Konstantina

Tattoo Studio & Piercing:


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