Glow magazine and Estée Lauder PURE COLOR LOVE Lip Collection Launching

unnamed (5)unnamed (1)A glorious event took place in Thessaloniki one week ago.  A Lip Sync Battle inspired from the video of the new collection with Kendal Jenner being the protagonist, was the main theme of the event for the Pure Color Love launching by Estée Lauder.  The guests had the chance to compete in the Lip Sync Battle  on the Wild Love song by Elle King.  unnamed (8)The winner of the battle after the ballot, won all the 30 shades of the lip collection.  We were SUPER lucky that a friend of a friend won the beautiful compact with the thirty lipsticks and she was sooo sweet gifting me with four of them.unnamed (4)  Other than that, we were able to try any shade we wanted to, from the 5 lip bar stations with the help of two of the Estée Lauder Global make up artists , Lena Motinova and Takis Maurigiannakis. Nikoletta Ralli was the presenter and the conductor of the event. With out a doubt this was one of the most amazing experiences ever.  The atmosphere was full of excitement and the people from the magazine were super kind.unnamed (9)  I am more than gratefull, I had the chance to live this excperience with my best friends and be a part of an event like this.unnamed (6)

unnamed (7)Outfit Details: 

  • White suit and croptop- ZARA 
  • Earings-H&M
  • Shoes-Sante 

Clothes codes:

  • Trousers-9929/028
  • Blazer:2131/691
  • Croptop:02229291-V2017
  • Shoes:SKU-95591-34


Glow magazine site:

Glow magazine instagram account:

Estée Lauder site:

Estée Lauder instagram account:


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